KalmarCTF 2023 - kalmarunionen-fun - Writeup

Posted on Mar 5, 2023


  • Don’t overthink it - we were about to cross reference Harry Potter spells
  • Keep your old code around - my renderer was based on a 2014 project which really sped up the prototyping
  • Live for this moment:


  • We found a bunch of data of a rumored accelerometer
  • My first instinct was to render it
    • Maybe my first instinct should’ve been to make a kalman filter to smooth out the true position…
  • I rendered it
  • It was really painful to watch
  • 2.5 hours before the end of the CTF I made a 3-axis + orbital renderer
  • Likely if it would’ve clicked for us to just view it as 1s and 0s we would’ve got the flag