Playstation Portable: Day 1

Posted on Jan 23, 2016

This is a new project I’m literally working on at this very moment. So I got a Playstation Portable as a gift from a friend, who didn’t need it herself. My plan is to crack it, load a bunch of cool programs on it and also try to make it fly a camera drone (someday…)

It’s a model 1004, which stands for the “phat” version. Shortly, this is the oldest model of the PSP, released in 2004. Featuring, wifi and infrared connectivity, a 480x272 screen, and a whopping 32 megabytes of RAM!!

For storage, you need a Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card. I dare you to go to your favorite tech store and find any of those… I searched everywhere and found one store that sold a 20GB card for 25€. On the IRC, a friend told me these things can just be converted into MicroSD cards so I did what any sensible human would do and bought a MicroSD instead. For USB connectivity the device would need a Mini USB

So what the PSP will first and foremost need is a firmware update, and a custom firmware patch to let me run unsigned code on the bad boy. Right now, I still need to figure out why it’s not detecting the software update on my memory card though :(